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Say Goodbye to Your Southern Accent

The authors,Jennifer Adams (top) and Johanna Chapman are certified speech-language pathologists and the owners of Atlanta Accent Management, Atlanta's leading accent reduction practice.

Is your Southern accent is holding you back?

If you've ever felt self-conscious or stereotyped because you speak with a Southern accent....

If you feel that reducing your accent would give you a professional edge ....

then this book and audio CD are the solution for you!


Say Goodbye to Your Southern Accent: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Changing the Way You Speak provides the insider techniques and tools you need to modify the way you speak.


You are about to see just how easy it is to do, and the results will change your life. It doesn’t matter which Southern state you are from or whether your accent is mild or will see big results! Order now.

In the words of one our many delighted users:

This book was a God-send. It was self-explanatory, easy to follow and I could work on my accent in the privacy of my own home. The results have been nothing short of dramatic. I now sound like the highly-educated woman that I am. This book and cd set has increased my confidence in all settings. It is highly recommended." - Stephanie Maronic, Charlotte, NC

Say Goodbye to Your Southern Accent and the authors were recently featured on Atlanta's High Velocity Radio. Hear the interview and see the authors on a video clip.


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